Connoisseur Facts

  • A “stogie” took its moniker from the Pennsylvania manufacturers who used Conestoga or covered wagons to advertise the pungent, powerful and lower-priced cigar.
  • Paper cigar rings were created to protect 19th-century white-gloved swells from the tobacco residue on less than perfect cigars. They later became a labeling device.
  • A thousand tobacco seeds can fit inside a thimble.
  • An experienced roller can produce at least 120 cigars a day.
  • Short-filled cigars have pieces of chopped tobacco inside. Long-filled cigars have whole leaves.
  • Hand-finished means the cigar was likely machine-bunched before a human hand finished the process
  • Most of a cigar’s taste is determined by the quality of its wrapper leaves.
  • Tobacco leaves can cost up to US$40 a pound (2.54 kg.)
  • A cured tobacco leaf is brown because its chlorophyll has been replaced by carotene.

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